A huge part to your team's development, The Stadium, provides the fans you earn with seats. The more seats and fans you have, the more money you earn every game.


When you start off, you have 6 sections for your stadium; The North and South Stands, which start off with 1,250 fan capacity, the East and West stands, with 750 fan capacity, and the corner stands, with 250 fan capacity. When you earn enough money, you have the option to upgrade your stands to hold more fans for games. The maximum capacity you can have in your stadium is 325,000 fans. To earn the maximum capacity, you must spend 110 facebook credits on the final stands upgrade.


Now the current question is: how do you earn fans to get money, to get upgrades and so on. Well, the answer is simple: buildings! Buildings can provide you with more fans, and most of them also give money every so often. The first time you go to the stadium, it will allow you to get a Bowling Alley, which gives you $120,000 every 24 hours, while also giving you +1,950 fans. When your money goes up more, and your level goes up as well (having your ticket price go up as well ), your selection of buildings will be less limited, and you can get more buildings that benefit your team. They may cost as low as $70,875 or as high as even Four-billion! There are many types of buildings under these sub-categories: Entertainment, Sports, Food, Misc., Landscape, Sidewalk and Statues! Entertainment buildings increase your fans and slim money, but you need to be in a larger league to earn them. Sports buildings give more fans than Entertainment buildings, but don't give you any money. Food buildings are in the middle, providing you an equal amount of money and fans. Misc. buildings, like Sports, give you a lot of fans and few give you money. However, they are defidently more for show, as they are very different. Landscape buildings are just for show. They give you very few fans and don't give money, so they're not for economic purposes. Statues are also for show, but give a fair amount of fans. However, just like Entertainment buildings, you must earn them through later leagues.